How to Help

Read the Resolutions.

The New York Sovereignty Resolutions can be found directly above in the main menu. Please read them. Then ask your elected state representatives to get behind them.

Reach out to your Reps.

Start by calling or writing to your State Assembly member and State Senator in the districts where you live. Pay a personal visit if possible. Their political parties are of no consequence.

Demand they defend states rights and New York State’s sovereignty–your sovereignty. Their yeas and nays will be recorded on this Web site.

See the sample letters at the bottom of this page.

To locate/contact either of your elected representatives by districts, simply click on this  Interactive Map from the NYS Board of Elections Web site. Enter your address, city, zip, and hit “Find.” The relevant information will appear on the right. Scroll down to see your reps. It’s that easy.

For more detailed instructions, go to Contact Your State Reps under Categories in the right-hand column of this page.

Call on your Candidates.

Incumbents shouldn’t get to have all the fun. So don’t forget to contact the campaign offices of your preferred Assembly and Senate candidates as well.  Nobody gets a free pass. Ask their positions on State Sovereignty, and specifically whether they will introduce or co-sponsor a measure if elected.

Report back to

Let us know what they have to say. Contact us here at

We’ll post the responses of all elected officials on the Your Reps’ Positions page, located in the main menu above. Should they fail to reply to you, we’ll note that, too. Candidate positions will likewise be posted on the Candidate Pledges page, which      will can also found above.

Through this public act of accountability, everyone will know Where They Stand as we prepare to go to the polls this November. But it doesn’t end there. This is but the opening salvo.

We regard this a group operation, onethat will not succeed without you. Therefore it is our wish to recognize each and every effort–no contribution is too small. If you would like your own name listed on this site, visit the Civic Support page, also at top.

Sample Letter for Elected State Reps:

Dear [Assembly Member / Senator],

I am a resident in the district that you were elected to represent. As such, I respectfully request that you assert your sacred oath to support the Constitution for the United States of America, and the Constitution of New York State, by endorsing a Sovereignty Resolutions measure, reaffirming Liberty of the People as guaranteed by the Ninth and Tenth Amendments, and Article II of the New York Bill of Rights.

The time has come to put on notice this brash, encroaching federal government. Let it be known that We, the Sovereign People of New York, will not yield to the dangerous agenda of a belligerent, unconstitutional minority in Washington, DC.


A prompt, written reply  from the honorable representative is expected.


Thank you.

[Your Name]                                                                                                                                District Resident and Registered Voter

Sample Letter for State Candidates:

Dear [Candidate],

As a resident in District [number], I encourage you to support a Sovereignty Resolutions measure on behalf of the People of New York.  I feel that our Liberties, as guaranteed by our U.S. Constitution and New York State laws, are being trampled upon with alarming determination by a reckless federal government.

A prompt, written reply to this request is imperative to my decision-making.

Thank you.

[Your Name]                                                                                                                                District Resident and Registered Voter

Feel free to cut and paste, or use as a guide to find your own words. When writing, always insist on a written response. When calling, get the name of an aide or volunteer, and keep calling back until you are provided with their position of sovereignty.

Many thanks to all of you on behalf of Liberty, our Founders, our Families, and the next generation of Free New Yorkers to come.

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