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Common Core: Based on United Nations Agenda 21 and UNESCO Standards

American Heritage Research lays bare the origins of Common Core and its roots in Agenda 21. Yes, Agenda 21 is more than just concern for the environment and “sustainable development” of resources. Continue reading

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Two More States Eye Repeal of Common Core

States like Oklahoma and South Carolina have demonstrated that it is possible to withdraw from these national standards and tests, and to take the opportunity to craft quality standards that are homegrown and reflective of state and local priorities. Continue reading

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Common Core Endgame: Social Justice

We are told that CCSS aim to improve the achievement levels and test scores of all students regardless of their background, and that every student should be held to the same rigorous standards of success. However, when looking closely at some aspects of CCSS, one can’t help but be cynical and wonder what the endgame really is. Continue reading

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