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The State Government Agency That Spied on Citizens

A new report on a government spying operation conducted by partisan bureaucrats should outrage and scare Americans everywhere. It shows what can happen when, as the report says, partisans “weaponize” a government agency and use its powers to advance “political goals.” Continue reading

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Walter E. Williams: The Power Lied With the States

All the states should recognize that the power lies with the states. The states created the federal government. The federal government did not create the states. Continue reading

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Proposed Washington Law Shows Gun-Grabbers Intend to Have It Both Ways

A “Restoration of Local Authority” bill being sponsored in the next legislative session by Washington State Representative Nicole Macri (D) will end 30 years of statewide preemption of firearms law, creating a patchwork quilt of changing edicts that will be difficult, if not impossible, for gun owners to navigate. That’s the intent. Continue reading

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This Week in History: Virginia Passes James Madison’s Resolutions of 1798

By December of 1798, the United States was in a full-blown constitutional crisis, and James Madison and Thomas Jefferson were stealthily leading the fight to push the federal government back within its prescribed limits. Continue reading

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Facebook Founder Warns “God Only Knows What It’s Doing To Kids’ Brains”

According to co-founder Sean Parker, Facebook is a social-validation feedback loop … exactly the kind of thing that a hacker like myself would come up with, because you’re exploiting a vulnerability in human psychology. Continue reading

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