Lawmaker to Reintroduce Gun Confiscation Bill

When state lawmakers get back to work in January, Democrats say they plan on reintroducing bills on gun control.

 By Jeff Preval at, November 10, 2017 •

BUFFALO, NY – When state lawmakers get back to work in January, Democrats say they plan on reintroducing bills on gun control. This comes after the horrific shooting in Texas on Sunday, in which 26 people were killed.

State Senator Brad Hoylman, a downstate lawmaker, says during the new legislative session he’ll reintroduce a bill called the Safe Homes Act.

Under that bill, when police respond to a domestic violence call where a gun is on the premises and make an arrest, the officers would have to to seize the gun and any firearms license owned by the person being arrested.

This is different from what police already do during domestic violence calls. State Police tell 2 On Your Side that during these incidents, they would seize a firearm, only if it was owned illegally, or if they were concerned it could be used to do harm.

Senator Holyman and other supporters say it’s needed after this past weekend’s church shooting that killed 26 people in Texas, where the shooter had a history of domestic violence. Hoylman said in a statement: “had there been a legal mechanism to take away his weapons, Sunday’s shooting may have been avoided.”

Police in Texas, though, haven’t reported any recent domestic incident involving the gunman that a law like this might have applied to.

We wanted to know where Western New York state lawmakers stand on this and called every one of them.

Only four responded, and they were Republican Senators Michael Ranzenhofer and Patrick Gallivan and Republican Assembly Members David DiPietro and Angelo Morinello — all said they were unavailable to talk with us about this legislation.

“It’s a totally unnecessary bill the police have all the authority they need to take weapons in a situation they think is dangerous,” said Budd Schroeder, chairman emeritus of SCOPE.

The Safe Homes Act has been proposed in the legislature for the past six years, but has not gotten out of committee and put to the floor for a full vote.

Ed. Note: At best, this is the proverbial slippery slope. More than likely, however, this is a Progressive backdoor gambit to put in place a new confiscation measure; any cause du jour will do to justify. Because after the law has been enacted, all that needs be done next is to change the definition of “domestic violence.” Physical abuse will no longer be the standard. A mere accusation of “hateful” words by one party may one day justify seizing private firearms. (See Hate Speech laws already on the books across this country.) With our First and Fourth Amendments already under serious attack, this play for the Second — the holy grail of American Progs and Communists — should never be dismissed as fantasy.

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