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Today in History: Kentucky Resolutions Signed on Nov. 16, 1798

After outlining each constitutional violation and overreach of federal power, Jefferson called for action – nullify now! Continue reading

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New York to ISIS: Keep Killing Us! We’re Resilient!

The press conference that NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and NY Governor Andrew Cuomo held after the ISIS-directed mass murder by “Diversity Scratch-Off” winner Sayfullo Saipov was a master class in inculcating a gullible urban herd to helplessness, passivity, insane misattribution of danger, and un-American government dependence in response to murderous jihad. Continue reading

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Patrick Henry on Making America “Great” (Again)

Patrick Henry on what it will take to Make America Great — again. Another quick and powerful lesson from the good folks at Tenth Amendment Center. Continue reading

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Weapons of Mass Instruction – John Taylor Gatto

These days schooling is not education. Schooling is indoctrination. You are being prepared to be good corporate workers, not leaders, thinkers or innovators. You are being prepared to “fit in”, without a choice as to what you will “fit into”. Continue reading

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Lawmaker to Reintroduce Gun Confiscation Bill

When New York state lawmakers get back to work in January, Democrats say they plan on reintroducing bills on gun control. Continue reading

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