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Courtesy of the Tenth Amendment Center:

Nullify Federal Gun Control

On Monday, an important Arizona Senate committee passed a bill to prohibit the state from using personnel or resources to enforce any new federal gun control measures, setting the foundation to nullify them in practice within the state. It already passed the full House and moves one step closer to the Governor’s desk.  (FULL REPORT HERE)

ALSO – A bill to help block international gun control treaties in Tennessee was resurrected and passed after being voted down last month.  This is the result of heavy grassroots pressure.  (report here)


Alabama Senate Passes Bill Eliminating Marriage Licensing

A bill that would abolish marriage licenses in Alabama and effectively nullify both sides of the contentious debate on same-sex marriage passed an important committee earlier this month and the full Senate this week. If passed into law, the bill would essentially remove the state from the business of marriage.  DETAILS HERE


Missouri Committee Passes Bill Setting Foundation to Reject EPA Clean Power Plan

A Missouri House committee passed a bill yesterday that would take a small, but important, first step in setting the foundation to reject some federal EPA rules and regulations in practice. DETAILS HERE


Two States Pass Bills to Protect Privacy, Stop Spying by Drones, Stingrays

Reports here:

*California Assembly committee passes bill taking on drone spying
*Illinois Senate Committee votes 11-0 to ban warrantless stingray spying

Arizona House Committee Passes Bill Setting Foundation to Reject and Block NDAA “Indefinite Detention”

On Tuesday, an Arizona House committee passed a bill that would take a big step toward rejecting indefinite detention under the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of 2012, and other federal laws which claim to authorize using the laws of war domestically. DETAILS HERE

ALSO –  A Similar bill was introduced in Pennsylvania.  REPORT HERE


Ed. Note: So accustomed had we become to federal over-lording, that any utterance of the word ‘nullify’ just ten years ago brought about cries of “Treason!”  from all political corners. The preceding reports, however, suggest that the American People are fully awake and becoming more engaged in self-government than ever. Indeed, as we take up the challenge of political revolution against an entrenched, corrupt Establishment, nullification of unconstitutional federal laws and fed agency regulations by the States is gaining remarkable traction.

It is the opinion of this site that the Tenth Amendment Center has gone above and beyond advocacy and is today the leading activist organization concerning tenth amendment rights in this country.

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