We The People of New York Stands Strong in SAFE Act Court Arguments; Scores More Victories for Civic Education

newyork-flagFor the 1,256 citizen Plaintiffs who entered into the SAFE ACT constitutional challenge lawsuit in February 2013, it has been a long haul to the oral arguments that took place in the Third Department – Appellate Division in the NY State Supreme Court on September 14, 2015.

None have endured more than Robert Schulz, who through it all, has given every ounce of his energy, attention, determination, intelligence and resources — including thousands of dollars from his own personal finances — to see the case through.

Mr. Schulz did not disappoint in representing the Voice of the Constitutions nor the Will of the Divine Rights of Free Men in his presentation.  Those who were present to witness the oral arguments — including a well-established attorney — believe that the Court will be correctly persuaded by Mr. Schulz’ clear and powerful stance that the Rule of Law must hold sway.

The Court is expected to return its Decision in early November. In an unusual display of support after considering his view, the Albany Times Union released an endorsement towards the People’s Action for Right.

WTP-NY asks that you please Pray for Divine Justice and Victory and that the ORIGINAL INTENT of the New York State Constitution, when it comes to the RIGHT use of the Message of Necessity (only for emergencies – not for political expediency), the Three Day Rule (mandatory review period for every Bill before a vote) and Gun Rights (our Sovereign Right), will be upheld, thereby striking down the NY SAFE ACT.


If you were following the stand WTP-NY took this summer to pass the Resolutions to STOP Common Core on constitutional grounds and enforce proper Civic Education in all schools, you should know that Mr. Schulz’ Local Governing Bodies have now passed the resolutions after cooperative interaction with him.  This is a GREAT VICTORY FOR LIBERTY!

Please click and read the Memos and official Resolutions which have been submitted to Albany by the Washington County Board of Supervisors.  Similar actions were taken by the Warren County Board and the Town of Fort Anne.


October 23, 2015: Mr. Schulz will argue the state treasury restitution case against former Speaker of the New York State Assembly, Sheldon Silver, who resigned in February after his arrest on federal corruption charges.

Strong arguments are expected in Court regarding the $103,000 Payback to the Public Treasury. Here is the Reply Brief for you to read.  WTP-NY members and supporters are encouraged to attend.


November 7, 2015: The WTP-NY Managing Coalition convenes its Annual Meeting on a mountain top in Bolton Landing (thanks to the hospitality of WTP-NY Members residing there) to vote on a Statewide Action Plan. If your organization is interested in becoming a part of this coalition, please contact WTP-NY with the information provided at the end of this post.


Ed. Note: In affirming their support for the Declaration of Independence, the 56 Signers inked their names below this famous pledge that concluded the historical document:

“…And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”

For the better part of the last half-century, Robert L. Schulz has done just that. He has selflessly poured his life into an honorable and unwavering effort to hold governments accountable to the People.

And in virtually every instance, he has pursued these initiatives with his own personal funds and resources for the necessary legal filings, court fees, printing and mailing costs, traveling expenses, Web hosting, and on and on and on.

While we owe this man a great deal, he has asked very little in return. Please consider making a contribution in the Spirit of this 76-year-old American patriot.

You may donate directly here.

Please also consider a supporting membership in We The People of New York.

What WTP-NY is doing, cannot be done without your continuing support. Please stand with Mr. Schulz to save our Constitutions and the individual Liberties they secure in this world. Through permanent citizen vigilance, we can HOLD GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTABLE TO THE RULE OF LAW and through your support, help to pay the bills so we can continue bringing civic education and civic action to the citizens of New York.


Write: 2458 Ridge Road, Queensbury, New York  12804

Call: 518 656 3578

Email Mr. Schulz: bob@givemeliberty.org

Email WTP-NY:  wethepeopleofnewyork@gmail.com

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