Local New York Government Will Debate Petition for Redress of Common Core

We The People of New York would like to thank all those who attended Friday’s Warren and Washington County Board of Supervisors meetings and the meeting at SUNY Adirondack in support of our push for proper Civic Education and against the State’s participation in the multi-state Assessment Consortium that is based on the Common Core standards.

On Monday, July 13th, Bob Schulz addressed the Fort Ann Town Board. Bob urged the Town Board to respond to his Petition for Redress by adopting the proposed Civic Education and Common Core related Resolutions and sending them on to the State Board of Regents and the State Legislature for their consideration.

Bob stressed the point that the two Resolutions were non-binding and that they accurately cite the provisions of the U.S. Constitution and N.Y. Education Law that were being violated by an element of the government in the Town. Board members turned to Jeff Mayer, the Town Attorney, and asked point blank, “Are the Resolutions non-binding?” and “Has Mr. Schulz accurately quoted the Law?” Mr. Mayer answered “Yes” to both questions.

Given the absence of the Town Supervisor, Darlene Dumas (due to pneumonia), the Board agreed to debate the matter, possibly at a special meeting of the Board rather than at the next regularly scheduled meeting on August 10th.

On Wednesday, July 15th, Bob was visited at his home by James McCabe, a newly elected member of the Lake George Board of Education who took the oath of office and attended his first meeting of the Board on July 6th. This was a very welcome visit.

Bob and Mr. McCabe met for nearly two hours. McCabe, who has eight children, three of whom graduated and five of whom are in elementary and secondary school, explained he had been reading the Petition-related material Bob delivered to the School for all Board members, as well as the Bob’s guest essay that was recently published in the Glens Falls Post Star.

McCabe said he takes his oath of office seriously, and is concerned about the lack of proper civic education. He said he had questions about the two Resolutions, and was interested in facts, not opinions. Seemingly satisfied that Common Core was resting on an unlawful foundation and that Civic Education was also not in compliance with the law, he appeared ready to press the Board of Education to act on the Resolutions.

On Thursday, July 16th, Bob delivered a letter with two Exhibits to each member of the Lake George Board of Education, the Warren County Board of Supervisors and the Washington County Board of Supervisors (The Letters are attached.)

The Exhibits attached to the Letters were Exhibit A: the February Petition and two Resolutions, and Exhibit B: copies of the Laws pertaining to the Oath of Office as seen in NY State Constitution Article XIII, Sec. 1; NYS Education Law Art. 61, Sec. 3002; NYS Public Officers Law Art 2, Sec. 10; NYS Civil Service Law Art. IV, Title A, Sec. 62; and NY State Constitution, Art. 1, Sec 14.  THERE IS ONLY ONE THING ASKED OF ALL IN TAKING THE OATH!  WHY IS THAT? BECAUSE OBEYING THAT ONE PROMISE WILL KEEP EVERYTHING ELSE IN ITS PLACE TO SECURE OUR RIGHTS AND ENABLE A STABLE SOCIETY AND PROSPERITY.  YET, IT IS BEING IGNORED AT EVERY LEVEL, ALL THE TIME.

On Friday, July 17th, at 10 am, Bob appeared before the Warren County Board of Supervisors.

At 11 am, Bob appeared before the Washington County Board of Supervisors.

Bob read the letters referred to in the paragraph immediately above into the record of both meetings. He then reminded both Boards that they, on behalf of their residents, had passed a non-binding Resolution that they sent to the State Legislature, seeking a repeal of the SAFE ACT. He then reasoned that the absence of legally mandated civic education, and the state’s participation in an unconstitutional multi-state assessment consortium that is based on the common core standards, adversely impacts the civic lives of the residents of the County in terms of their ability to defend their Rights, Liberties and Freedoms.

Bob reminded the members of the Boards that they are in receipt of documentary evidence of specific, blatant violations of the U.S. Constitution and State Education Law by an element of the government within the County.

Bob reminded the members that the Counties, as creatures of the state, are THE STATE, and as public officers they have taken an oath to support the N.Y. and U.S. Constitutions.

The Warren County Chairman said the Legislative and Rules Committee would debate the question at their next meeting. The matter will also be debated in Washington County at their next meeting.

After Bob’s presentation to the Washington County Board, he was approached by Robert Henke, the Supervisor of the Town of Argyle. He told Bob that he was in total agreement that the two Resolutions should be adopted and sent to Albany, but he and other members of the Board were uncomfortable with the element of “coercion.” Bob asked if he was referring to the hunger fast. Henke said, “Yes.” Bob decided then and there that he would immediately take the hunger fast “off the table,” telling Henke that he was ending the fast, for he did not want the fast to stand in the way of a favorable and early resolution to the matter at hand.

Bob then went to a Thai restaurant in Glens Falls where he sipped a bowl of “Tom Kar”- a coconut milk soup. (see below)

Saturday’s Post Star ran a front page article titled, “Schulz drops hunger strike”.  (NOTE: the on-line edition has a different heading than the print version).

Today, Bob feels fine. He spent the weekend enjoying visits with three of his four children and four of his six grandchildren.

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