Schulz Begins Hunger Fast: Oath of Office, Rule of Law, Common Core, Civic Education at Stake

QUEENSBURY, NY – July 2, 2015 — As we enter into the Independence Day weekend,  Queensbury resident Robert L. Schulz has begun a hunger fast.  He has issued the following statement to the media and concerned citizens across the State to explain what is taking place and why:

“Our troops take an Oath of Office to support and defend our Constitution. They are willing to put their lives on the line to uphold that Oath. All of our public servants and those we elect into office take Oaths of Office to do the same. It seems to many of them, that Oath has become a joke, a meaningless ceremony.  It is not being obeyed and is therefore not setting the standard by which our elected officials make decisions or take action.

In February, I submitted two well-researched Resolutions to the Washington and Warren County Board of Supervisors; to the Fort Ann and Queensbury Town Boards and to the Lake George Board of Education, all of whom have taken an Oath of Office. Citizens across the state were doing the same in their local areas.  I asked these local governing boards to approve the Resolutions and forward them to the State Board of Regents and the State Legislature in Albany for appropriate action.

One Resolution seeks to stop Common Core on constitutional grounds and the other to restore proper civic education in NY State in all schools for all children as is required by an existing NY State Education Law, Sections 801/802.

Anyone can read these Resolutions and see the facts that substantiate the Resolutions.

By Serving these Resolutions, I was not asking these Boards to agree with my version of the facts, without doing their own research.  I asked their Counsel to do their own research and for these local governing bodies to take one of two actions: either agree with the facts in the Resolutions and pass them; or refute the facts based on their own findings.

Obviously, I did not believe the latter was likely to take place, given that anyone can read the Constitution and the NY State Education Law and see that both Common Core and our current learning standard for Social Studies are in violation of the Law.

I did not receive any respectable or responsive response.  The First Amendment of the Bill of Rights for the United States says the people have the Right to Petition Government for a Redress of their Grievances. Government is obligated to respond.

I expect these Board members, as responsible citizens and those who have been put in positions of trust, authority and influence in our communities, to respond in a meaningful fashion, so I know they have considered the merits of these Resolutions and the concerns they express about our current approach to education and the lack of proper preparedness for civic duty for our young people, as those who will determine the future of America.

Not receiving any responsive response, I have decided to undertake a hunger fast until I do.

I have invited each member of these Boards to join me at the Adirondack Community College Scoville Learning Center auditorium on Thursday, July 9, 2015 at 7:00pm to debate these issues, the meaning of the Oath of Office and a Citizen’s First Amendment Right to Petition for Redress and government’s obligation to respond.  That day will be the ninth day of my hunger fast.

We The People of New York, Inc., a statewide organization seeking to hold government accountable to the Rule of Law, will host this event as an educational opportunity for all.  The public is invited and encouraged to attend. Admission is free.

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