Development of Ammo Database Part of SAFE Act Enforcement in 2015 State Budget

database1_s600x600 (1)A Staff Report, April 1, 2015 •

No it’s not a bad April Fool’s joke. In the March 31st video below, New York State Assemblyman Steve Katz gets clarification on the $27 million earmarked for development of an ammunition database, as part of the NY SAFE Act enforcement.

Yes, you read that right: ammo database, as in de facto firearms registration. Who needs microstamping when the government can simply track your ammunition purchases and tie it to manufacturer lot numbers?

And it’s apparently now law, thanks to our New York State legislators, including, (rumor has it) virtually every Republican in the State Senate. The deed was done once again, without reading it, and under cover of night through another ‘Message of Necessity.’

There are so many things that are unconstitutional with this that it’s hard to know where to begin. But maybe we should start with the less obvious, such as the $27 million dollar price tag.

If you know anything about databases and software, $27 million seems a bit over the top for even the most sophisticated database. Maybe we need to see these expenses broken down on paper.

Maybe some of that loot is going to “consultants” with political ties to the Governor’s mansion (Remember Bloomberg and the CityTime fiasco?)

And maybe, just maybe some of that $27 million will be re-appropriated to some other aspect of (Un)SAFE Act “enforcement.”

Knock, knock.

“Who’s there?”

“Hi we’re from the Governor’s Enforcement Division and we’re here to help.

H/T: Mert Melfa Media:

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