The Real Price Americans Pay for Illegal Immigration

By Thom, July 14, 2014 •

border-immigrants-crossingIllegal aliens, undocumented immigrants, unauthorized persons, call them what you will. Changing the name doesn’t change the fact that their very first step onto American soil was an illegal one. Neither the gravity of that crime — nor the consequences for American society — can be diminished by politically contrived ‘social justice’ jargon.

Foreign nationals residing illegally in the United States (between 11 and 30 million, no one really knows) have created a tremendous financial burden on working American families. Billions of tax dollars are spent each month in providing shelter, food, education, medical treatment, and other ‘entitlements’ for this shadow population.

Social security and welfare fraud is rampant among this group. Costly hospital emergency rooms are swamped with routine ailments. Food stamps are being pushed to all-time record levels. Our public schools are overloaded and detention facilities overflowing. The only thing not going up is the number of people footing the bill for all this.

The legal workforce that does provide for these public services (through taxes) unfortunately pays in other ways, too. The steady stream of cheap, illegal labor not only suppresses wages, but also takes employment opportunities away from Americans (and legal migrants). It is a falsehood that illegal aliens only work at jobs that Americans regard ‘beneath them.’

Today many illegal workers are in construction, manufacturing, restaurants, and the hotel industry, traditionally the domain of the AFL-CIO and Service Employees International Union (SEIU). It’s not surprising that overall union rolls continue to decline with the influx of illegal aliens.

This is a primary reason why immigration was always so closely monitored and regulated in days gone by. A healthy economy and individual prosperity require the proper balance between labor needs and new workers coming into the labor force, whether young Americans or foreign nationals.

immigrants-fence-climbingOf course, this underground workforce also evades paying any taxes, an act for which American citizens would find themselves in prison. In the majority of cases, a large chunk of those tax-free dollars (50% to 70%) is being sent ‘back home’ to the foreign national’s country of origin, essentially disappearing altogether from our economy.

All of these factors contribute to America’s slow economic recovery and stagnant job prospects, especially for younger Americans. In Chicago, for example, over 90% of young African-Americans are unemployed and crime is out of control.

While this city’s woes are not wholly attributable to its illegal population, it is has long been acknowledged that the statistical rise in crime mirrors that of unemployment. This pattern follows worldwide: wherever there is a surplus of labor (legal or illegal), there is a shortage of job opportunities. And crime inevitably ensues. Just look at the Paris riots from just a few years ago, where unemployment among young Muslim immigrants topped 75%.

Employment dynamics aside, illegal immigration on its own poses a grave risk to the personal security of every family in America, including the legal migrant communities. Predictably, violent crime and murder by illegal foreign nationals has grown proportionately with the increase in illegal border crossings.

With unsecured borders, all manner of dangerous criminals have flooded into this country. Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13), regarded as the most brutal street gang in America, is a magnet for many hardened gang members of the Mexican drug wars, which have claimed as many as 150,000 lives in that country since 2006.

ms-13The FBI estimates that MS-13 membership alone is now approaching one million in the United States. Along with these threats, it is widely presumed that at least a terrorist or two has managed to infiltrate our porous borders at points north or south.

As inadequately funded and prepared as our border security might be, there is also little deterrent provided by our justice system — even after illegal aliens have been apprehended in the commission of additional crimes.

Last year alone, Obama’s Justice Department instructed Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to release over 36,000 convicted criminal aliens back into society, rather than following deportation protocol.

That shocking number includes convictions for nearly 200 homicides, over 300 kidnappings, 426 sexual assaults, and 1,075 aggravated assaults. Nearly 10,000 were convicted on dangerous drug charges, and over 16,000 for drunk or drugged driving.

The official reason for the mass release was a combination of court procedure and budget shortfalls. Others suspect politics. Regardless, they’re now all back on the streets. Somewhere.

Over the years, many of these violent catch-and-release aliens have been re-arrested for the murder of Americans, including here in New York. Earlier this year, these tactics continued as the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) ordered similar releases in Texas and Arizona.

Adding to the insanity, it was just reported that these illegal aliens are able to travel freely on commercial airliners with no identification other than a “Notice to Appear” document for court hearings. That’s right, one measly sheet of paper that can be forged or otherwise manipulated.

Remember that the next time you see a TSA agent patting down a terrified toddler in an airport.

The current invasion of the United States southern border is shaping up to be a bona fide human tragedy — in more ways than one. Here, too, there is growing evidence that the crisis is manmade, orchestrated by White House political operatives and allowed to unfold with the full knowledge of some ICE and DHS officials. That means these 50,000 (and counting) unescorted children and teenagers crashing our border are nothing more than pawns for political gain.

Immigrant RoundupAs the U.S. Border Patrol buckles under the strain, the number of underage foreign nationals arriving illegally is expected to multiply four-fold next year. It is simply unconscionable that the nation’s so-called leadership does not act. It betrays our laws and endangers the well being of the American People, perhaps intentionally.

At a San Antonio holding center inside Lackland Air Force Base, these children of the ‘surge’ are being reported with tuberculosis, measles, scabies, chicken pox, strep throat, and teeming with lice, not to mention mental and emotional issues. Yet counselors and nurses at the encampment are forbidden to speak about conditions, while members of Congress and the independent press are forbidden to enter.

The White House response? Obama demands millions of dollars in legal assistance for the illegal minors, and orders convoys of buses to ship them to towns all over the country. Sounds more like the Cloward-Piven strategy than a plan for humanitarian assistance.

In America, we were all admonished as children to wait our turn. Cheaters never prosper, we were reminded. The law is the law, we were once taught. And so we have lived our lives accordingly, with respect for others, ourselves, and our country..

The vast majority of Americans, principled and law-abiding, have little sympathy for those who come upon their gains through dishonest means, whether congressman or migrant worker.

But apparently these old-fashioned values don’t apply to foreign nationals entering America illegally, nor to the politicians that pander to race-based identity politics. Instead, lawmakers scold Americans for being selfish. We are chided to pay our ‘fair share’ without complaint.

The problem is that we haven’t complained enough.

The proposals being considered by both houses are simply more elaborate schemes to buy tens of millions of potential votes, all at the expense of the American People. The plans are immoral, ignore existing law, and do nothing to secure the borders. Rinse and repeat politics.

Jeep Cherokee Border CrossingAmnesty is not the answer. Neither is a ‘pathway to citizenship’ or any other bogus, feel-good reform name with which politicians try to entice support. It is simply unacceptable to reward criminal behavior.

The right answer — the only reasonable, principled and lawful response — is the enforcement of existing immigration laws, the full and lawful prosecution of those breaking said laws, and reforming the security of our borders, north and south, as well as America’s vast coast lines.

We have the technology. We certainly need the jobs. And the funding?

Our representatives spend tens of billions of our tax dollars each year supporting America’s illegal population. Our government pours additional tens of billions into foreign countries, including those that openly denounce America and harbor terror organizations.

Maybe it’s time to forego all foreign aid until our own domestic challenges are met. Maybe it’s time to allocate a portion of Americans’ hard-earned tax dollars to aid in protecting the jobs, property, and lives of American families. That would be a welcome ‘change’ by which we could all prosper.

It is truly intolerable when non-citizens, wherever and whoever they are, count more than Americans that have toiled for generations to build a better life, native-born and naturalized immigrants alike.

For all the political rhetoric about social justice and equal protection under the law, the federal government doesn’t apply our laws equally anymore, and that’s anything but ‘justice for all.’

Those wishing to become part of our society need understand that equality begins with equal adherence to the laws of the United States.

And those sworn public servants that have chosen not to enforce our laws need understand that they are complicit with organized criminal acts.

There is no greater disservice to this country and its people.

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