Comrade Cuomo Issues Edict to Conservative New Yorkers: Get Outta Town

ny con outdoorBy Thom, January 28, Governor Andrew Cuomo stated recently in a WCNY radio interview that if “extreme” conservatives are right-to-life, pro-assault weapon, or anti-gay, they have no place in the State of New York. That’s quite the declaration, especially coming from the most extreme political faction in America — the Democrat’s Progressive Socialist wing.

Mr. Cuomo made the remarks in the context of the Republican’s ongoing rift between their party’s moderates and conservatives, the latter of whom Mr. Cuomo noted that he cannot — or will not — tolerate.

Predictably, the public howls of disapproval were virtually instant, as was his administration’s open letter attempting to walk-back the comment. Too little, too late. Swords crossed, and rightly so.

Let the non-denial denials begin

The governor’s publicity flacks insist he was only referring to conservative Republican politicians. Fair enough. But these duly elected representatives are representing the views of their New York constituents.

The last time we checked, this is still a Republic. For the benefit of the governor, that means a representative government of all the People, not a winner-take-all democracy where the electoral minority has no say or sway.

Everybody in America (New Yorkers included) is entitled to one’s own beliefs. That right extends to sitting governors as well, but Mr. Cuomo wasn’t entrusted to govern that way. By selectively attacking conservative values and beliefs, he is effectively discriminating against half of all New York residents.

Does Mr. Cuomo really mean that millions of Christian men and women are not welcome in the Empire State because they view abortion law as tantamount to the legalized murder of nearly 60,000,000 unborn American children?

Should Muslims also be banished from the state due to their own strict religious beliefs opposing homosexuality? What about New York’s resident Jews?

Perhaps the good governor is also proposing that millions of New York gun owners be rounded up and shipped by train to Texas for the crime of supporting the Second Amendment’s fundamental right to self-protection.

According to the Rule of Cuomo and the Progressives, it’s plain that anyone caught clinging to their guns and Bibles in the State of New York should be branded extremist and exiled.

Sound familiar?

The Progressive Path Forward

Clearly Mr. Cuomo is once again echoing his president, Barack Obama, the practiced Alinskyite who trades in the denigrations and divisive discourse of identity politics. But these latest attacks against conservatives are more than political rhetoric run amok in an escalating war of words.

It is more than a tactical wedge in the Democrat’s declared mission to “destroy the Republican Party once and for all.” It is more than a strategy to distract and divide the American populace at large. It is a precursor to despotism.

acEvery government that has ever lurched Left (as ours is doing now) has done so by exploiting injustice, both real and imagined. Yet along the way, a different kind of injustice emerges in the political persecution and subsequent purge of certain citizens. And it always begins, ironically, with repeated insults and statements of prejudice, such as those uttered by the Mr. Cuomo.

History has shown that this kind of unchecked behavior invariably results in unspeakable horrors perpetrated against people who were guilty of nothing more than being politically or religiously opposed to rigid totalitarian practices and draconian laws.

Look up the so-called Great Leap Forward of Mao’s “People’s Republic” in China. Read about the horrific purge of the Russian people at the hands of their Marxist-Communist overlords in the Politburo. Too big a leap?

Remember, these are the people that just a few decades ago vowed to transform America “by any means necessary.” Now go ahead and tell yourself it’s not happening right here, right now.

God Bless Amerika

This should not be viewed as an indictment solely of the Democrat’s Progressive Socialists. The Republican moderates (read: GOP establishment), of whom Mr. Cuomo speaks more kindly, have marched in complete lockstep on America’s path to tyranny. No wonder he’s willing to work with them.

Consider: Federal agencies under the Obama regime, such as the Department of Justice, have taken a notoriously twisted route in their alleged pursuit of equality.

The Department of Homeland Security has been actively building a domestic threat list for years, citing as extremist TEA Party members, military veterans, libertarians, even Ron Paul supporters.

The Department of Defense and War College have also joined in the witch-hunt. We now have war-gaming against fictional TEA Party militias (Granny get your gun). And according to another defense analysis, church-going Catholics are now regarded as the number one threat to this country.

Really, the Church Lady is our Nation’s biggest threat? This kind of demonizing might actually be funny if wasn’t so dangerous.

Mr. Obama’s Internal Revenue Service has also followed suit, going so far as to target citizens for their religious and political beliefs. Charles Schumer, third in line to the Progressive throne, only days ago demanded the IRS redouble its efforts to target TEA Party groups.

In fact, any American who fiercely supports and defends the Constitution is being characterized as some sort of treasonous radical. God forbid we speak of things like limited government, less taxes, and Liberty.

At least now we know how the Founding Fathers felt.

Tolerating Intolerance

It is astounding that the American political party that touts itself as the champion of tolerance could be so intolerant of anyone holding or expressing an opposing view. It is equally puzzling why so many Americans tolerate the intolerance.

In days gone by, being American meant the freedom to express a belief — including a dissenting opinion — regardless of what any government (or governor) might think about it. Indeed, this is a natural human right, and guaranteed in our First Amendment.

We were all taught as children to tolerate any group, no matter how foreign, vile, or demented their position seemed to us, so long as they did not violate the Constitutional rights of others. One group that comes to mind is the Ku Klux Klan, which, by the way, has its roots in the Democratic Party.

Sadly, it appears that the Democrats’ tactics of today have not really changed all that much. They remain the champions of hate speech, specializing in discrimination and civil rights violations. They excel at sewing the seeds of social and racial division for political gain.

After terrorizing people of color for 200 years, they are now apparently taking aim at the ‘white majority’ under the banner of Progressivism. This is not progress, but rather a page from their dark past — another well-crafted campaign of coercion to achieve mass capitulation.

That, fellow New Yorkers, is the very definition of political extremism. And it has no place in Albany, Washington, D.C., or anywhere else in America.

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